Our Ohio: Profiles in Government

Our Ohio: Profiles in Government is a public affairs series produced by the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association (OCTA) with Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT), the production facility of the Ohio Statehouse.  The Our Ohio series profiles offices in state, federal and local government and includes interviews with current officeholders and staff.

The programs first air on OCTA member cable systems statewide. Teachers may tape the programs, which carry no copyright restrictions, for use in the classroom as part of the cable industry's Cable in the Classroom initiative.

The Our Ohio series was designed to provide information on our state government and offer teachers a tool to help meet their curriculum needs. When three programs in the series have been completed, we package them together on one video. To date, five volumes of programs have been completed and are available free for teachers in videotape and/or DVD formats.

The response to the program and its availability FREE to schools has been enthusiastic.  We have heard numerous testimonials from media specialists and teacher who are using the programs to prepare for Ohio's fourth grade proficiency test and in social studies classes and many expressions of thanks for providing this service free of charge to schools.

To request videos, contact mkafer@octa.org

Programs Included in the Our Ohio Series

Newest Programs (available online)

Volume 9

Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 6


Previous programs in the Our Ohio series:

Volume 5

  • Program 13 - Department of Taxation, Commissioner William Wilkins interviewed
  • Program 14 - Department of Development, Lieutenant Governor Bruce Johnson interviewed
  • Program 15 - The Lobbying Profession, Lisa Bateson & Keith Brooks interviewed

Volume 4

  • Program 10 - Municipal Government, Mayors Michael Coleman, Rhine McLin and Daniel Dupps interviewed
  • Program 11 - U.S. House of Representatives, Congressmen Ted Strickland interviewed with video comments by Congresswoman Deborah Pryce
  • Program 12 - Ohio's Biennial Budget, Ohio Senators Mark Mallory and Bill Harris interviewed

Volume 3

  • Program 7 - The Auditor of State, Jim Petro interviewed
  • Program 8 - The U.S. Senate, Mike DeWine interviewed
  • Program 9 - The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Ronda Fergus and Alan Schriber interviewed

Volume 2

  • Program 4 - The Attorney General, Betty Montgomery interviewed
  • Program 5 - The Ohio Senate, Jay Hottinger and Leigh Herington interviewed
  • Program 6 - The Ohio House of Representatives, Jack Ford and Larry Householder interviewed

Volume 1

  • Program 1 - The Governor; Bob Taft interviewed
  • Program 2 - The Supreme Court, Evelyn Lundberg Stratton interviewed
  • Program 3 - The Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell interviewed